Out of step

Lack of posting? Check Lack of fishing? Double Check Lack of sleep? Check Stressed to high hell? Check fucking mate. It’s high summer in the IND. I just walked out for lunch and it’s 90 degrees with 235% humidity. Lots of plans got flipped this summer. I bought a house. We close this week. My…

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Eating and Fishing

Wake up. Saturday morning, it’s too early to get up when you’re not going fishing. Go to work. Stand around wondering why I’m there. No breakfast, there’s work to do. Eat laffy taffy candy I keep finding on random desks. It’s not stealing if they don’t know it’s there. Get sugar rush going, slam some…

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Memorial Day

I’ll keep this simple as it should be. Remember the men and women who paid the greatest price while serving in the United States Armed Forces. This day isn’t about car sales and other materialistic crap.