Indiana Fly Fishing Expo

On January 10th and 11th at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds fly fisherman will take over. If you are in the area stop by and check it out. his will be the first year for the Indiana Fly Fishing Expo. The show will feature fly fishing guides, fly shops, and fly tyers from across the Midwest. In…

New Years Hike

Happy New Years everyone. Hope the hangovers are subsiding and those drunk resolutions are memories of the past. You only need one resolution and it should be an everyday thing until you’re on the other side of the dirt. Live a good life.







Saturday afternoon I got a text from an old friend who I hadn’t seen in person since probably 2002. We’d talked on facebook a handful of times these past few years about getting together and skating but it never fell into place because life is like that. His car had broken down on the highway…

On the road to recovery

A week ago my step dad fell off his roof while cleaning leaves. My younger brother tried to break his fall. After seeing where the fall happened, I’m convinced he saved my step dad’s life. My brother is a former Marine and one hell of a tough dude. My brother’s back was broken in the…

You at least gotta try

Twenty mile an hour winds. Stirred up water. A normal gray Midwest winter day. When it’s almost December in Indiana only a few dedicated folks are out on the water chasing that proverbial dragon. It’s always been weird to me when you call yourself a fisherman or woman and you don’t fish when the weather…