Review: Wig Bags – Small Twin Case Rig

About a month ago Isaac from Wig Bags sent me a small twin rig case to check out. I’ve finally put some miles on this little bag and I dig it. I put this bag through it’s paces. Mud, tossing in down on rocks, soaking it, you name it. It took a beating and cleaned right off. Hell it still looks as good as it did when I pulled it out of the packaging. That Cordura fabric it’s made out of it tough. Straight up tough. I wish my other bags were made out of it.

As you can see, the bag comes with a bandana sewn to a shoe lace. That was a little short for me, but I liked the premise. Isaac shows in his video that you can get it wet on hot days and let it rest on your neck. Genius. I just wish the strap was longer as I don’t like stuff on my chest when I fish. I used this as a sling pack and honestly you forget it’s there. What I did was swap out the strap it comes with for a strap used for cameras. That allowed me to lengthen it and throw it behind me. To me that was comfortable, to others, what it comes with should work.

The sewing is clean and tight. This bag was black and red. What do you know, two of my favorite colors. I do a lot of walking when I fish. I like to go light so I haven’t worn a vest in two years probably. This bag will hold enough of your fly fishing gadgets and a box or two (depending on the box sizes). I got creative and was able to fit a fly box, my Costa sunglasses case, and car keys in the bag without it bulging like crazy. I do have one small issue with the bag, but that issue would be easily fixed. Tippet holder. I can use my small rolls of tippet on it, but some of the larger Scientific Angler tippet spools wouldn’t fit. Lengthening the parts that hold the tippet, and this bag would be perfect. As it is, this bag is pretty much awesome for short trips where you want to go light.

Wig Bags is based out of Chicago. Handmade in the US. Wig Bags also make bags for cycling, cameras, tactical, and more. Wig uses video chat to work with customers in building custom bags. I find that pretty great. I love small companies making their mark on the fly fishing world, and I think Wig Bags is going to be a household name soon.
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